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Artist Statement

As an artist, I'm interested in interdisciplinary and collaborative projects that explore process over product while decentering myself in the role of choreographer. I create dances, paintings and multimedia works in partnership with other artists to listen to, learn from, and find joy through collaboration. 

In the creative process, I emphasize material thinking, a form of procedural knowledge that recognizes the inherent activity of materials used in art making, through incorporating visual art practices such as drawing and painting. 

When painting, the canvas, the brush, and the paint actively collaborate with the artist. 
When dancing, body and breath actively collaborate with thought. 

My movement vocabulary spans across contemporary dance with influences from ballet and classical modern techniques. I explore an aesthetic that values an expansive range of motion paired with the duality of floating above and grounding into the earth. My choreography invites the audience to consider the possibilities and depth of meaning making within an abstract expression of movement. 

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